EB-5 Visa for USA

EB-5 Visa for USA

The American equivalent of a Golden Visa is the EB5 Visa. It eliminates the need for employment and enables the owner to live, work, pursue education, and retire in the US.

To get a US EB-5 visa, you must invest a significant amount of money in the US. Therefore, this visa is suitable for extremely wealthy foreigners who are interested in obtaining a Green Card or American citizenship

A brief summary of the EB-5 Visa:

You must spend at least $900,000 in a US company and generate at least 10 American jobs to be granted this visa.

You get a Green Card and are authorized to live in the US if you are qualified for the EB-5 Visa.

Your dependent family members may be listed on the application. This implies that your spouse and kids will also receive Green Cards.

Only 10,000 EB-5 Investment Visas are granted annually by the US. This extends to any visas granted to family members.

Options for Investing in EB-5 Visa

You can obtain an EB-5 visa through one of two types of investments:

  • Spending at least $900,000 in a designated area for employment (TEA). Investing in a government-approved program in a rural area or a region with a high unemployment rate.
  • A minimum of $1.8 million in direct investment made outside of a TEA You can start your own business in the US or invest in one that already exists there, but you must make sure it complies with USCIS regulations.

Investment EB-5 Visa Requirements

The following are the primary requirements for an EB-5 Visa:

  • It must have the required minimum capital. $1.8 million outside TEAs or $900,000 inside a TEA.
  • Your investment must have been funded legally.
  • The USCIS must approve the investment.
  • Your investment must go into a brand-new, “for-profit” business enterprise that was founded after 1990.
  • Your investment must be viewed as “at-risk,” which means that there is no assurance of capital.
  • For at least two years, it must generate at least 10 brand-new full-time positions. If you are unable to demonstrate immediately that the investment has resulted in the roles, you should be able to demonstrate that at least 10 new full-time positions will become necessary.

How to Submit an EB-5 Visa Application?

Following the completion of your investment, the following steps must be taken to apply for an EB-5 visa:

Utilizing Form I-526, which is essentially the Investment Visa application form, you submit your application to the USCIS. You should check the USCIS website as they can change the location where you must mail the form.

Following assessment, the USCIS forwards the application to the National Visa Center (NVC).

The NVC contacts you and requests the necessary payments and submission of the necessary paperwork. You can find out where and how to pay the fee from the NVC.

At the US Embassy, you apply for an immigrant visa and attend an interview. The NVC will let you know where, when, and what documents you need to bring for the interview.

If all goes as planned, your Immigrant Investor Visa will be issued by the US Embassy (i.e. the two-year Green Card).

If you are already a resident of the US, you must apply for a change of status (Form I-485) through the USCIS rather than the US Embassy.

Processing time of an EB-5 visa?

When you submit your application to the USCIS, the process of getting an EB-5 visa typically takes 13 months.

Documents Needed to Apply for an EB-5 Visa

The USCIS will ask you to provide evidence that your investment satisfies their requirements when you apply for an EB-5 visa. The paperwork you must provide includes:

  • Proof in writing that you have either invested in or are currently investing in a for-profit new commercial enterprise founded after 1990;
  • Purchased a for-profit new commercial enterprise founded before 1990 but reorganized it to create a new enterprise; or invested in a for-profit new commercial enterprise founded before 1990 but your investment increased its net worth or employee count by at least 40%.
  • Proof that you will oversee or manage the new business.
  • Evidence that, either directly or indirectly, your investment has resulted in at least ten additional full-time jobs. Or, if there aren’t any right now, provide a thorough business plan demonstrating that at least 10 new positions will be necessary.
  • There must be proof that you want to keep the new hires for at least two years.
  • Evidence that you have made the minimal investment required.
  • Evidence that the funds for your investment were obtained legally. example: Records of foreign business registration
  • Tax returns for corporations, partnerships, or individuals
  • Proof of any additional funding
  • Proof of any ongoing civil or criminal proceedings brought against you by a court in the United States or abroad in the 15 years prior (if applicable).
  • At least a six month old passport.
  • A passport photo
  • Birth and marriage certificates.
  • Forms for a completed medical examination.

The advantages of the EB-5 visa

If you are granted an EB-5 Visa, you can:

  • Your family members are also eligible to live, work, and study in the US.
  • Get a Green Card that you can keep renewing.
  • After a few years, apply for citizenship in the United States. You’ll have access to one of the world’s strongest passports as a result.
  • You can enter and exit the US without applying for a visa.
  • Travel to other nations that don’t require a visa for Green card holders.
  • If you made smart investments, you will get your money back.
  • Obtain access to the world’s top healthcare system, which is provided by the United States.
  • Travel to nine nations without a visa.

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