Study in Australia

Study in Australia

Australia, one of the top 3 places to study abroad, is known for its groundbreaking inventions. In addition to the Group Eight Universities, the island nation is home to some of the top academic institutions that provide top-notch education in a variety of subjects. Australia is the country that gave the globe innovations like Google Maps and WiFi. Students can develop their talents and progress greatly in their particular subject of interest by studying under recognized professionals and experts.

In Australia, education is governed by the Australian Qualifications Framework, which ensures high academic standards and internationally recognized credentials (AQF). Studying in Australia is undoubtedly a unique experience, especially given the opportunity to explore the world’s largest coral reef and experience a tranquil setting.

Australia provides scholarships of around 200,000,000 AUD annually to students, offering more than 22,000 courses across 1,100 institutions. Australia’s 36 higher education institutions are in the QS top universities list, with seven Australian universities ranking in the top 100 universities of the world.

The most popular student destinations in Australia are New South Wales (11 universities), Victoria (10 universities), and Queensland (10 institutions). Each of these states provides students with a greater selection of TAFE (Technical & Further Education) institutions in addition to universities.

Admission Requirements

  • Copy of a valid passport
  • ACT/SAT/LSAT for UG programs
  • GMAT/GRE scores for PG programs
  • English proficiency scores (TOEFL/IELTS)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • CV/Resume/Essays
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Evidence of funds
  • Australian secondary school certificate of education (Year 12) or an equivalent certificate from Diploma / Advanced Diploma from the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector

Admission Timeline

How to Apply

UG Applications are submitted directly on the websites of each university

Cost Estimate

The estimated cost is around $20,000 to $45,000 (INR 11,15,332- 24,53,731) per year.

How to Apply

PG applications are directly sent to the universities through both online and offline modes

Cost Estimate

The estimated cost is around $22,000 to $50,000 (INR 14,87,150- 27,51,153) per year.

How to Apply

MBA applications are submitted online directly to the universities

Cost Estimate

The estimated cost is around $58,384- $60,000 (INR 43,38,369- 44,58,450) per year.


  • Australia Awards: The Australian government funds this award.
  • Endeavour Awards.
  • Scholarships from Destination Australia.
  • Scholarships for International Postgraduate Research (IPRS).
  • Griffith Outstanding Scholarship
  • International High Achievers Scholarships by Charles Darwin University.
  • University of Sydney’s Vice-International Chancellor’s Scholarships Program.

Requirements for an Australian student visa

The following documents are required to be submitted by international applicants

  • Identity proof, a letter of support, and a CoE.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to cover expenses: 62,222 AUD (for singles)
  • Give evidence that shows the student has access to the money.
  • If applicable, submit proof of exemption from paying the visa application fee.
  • Documents of OSHC
  • Documents of GTE
  • Language credentials and exam results
  • Partner documentation.
  • Documents of children and dependents, if any.

Academic qualifications required for admission

Depending on the program’s level, there are different academic requirements for studying in Australia.

  • Candidates must have received 60% or higher in their class XII to be admitted to diploma-level courses.
  • Students must have got at least 65% and above in their class XII grades to get admission to bachelor’s programs.
  • Students who are applying for master’s admission at Australian universities must have the following qualifications:
  • For admission into most of the postgraduate programs in Australian Universities, the 3-year graduation system is accepted. For ex., an Australian Bachelor’s (Ordinary) Degree with a 12-year education is equal to an Indian bachelor’s degree like B.S.C or

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Law & Legal Studies

Medicine & Life Sciences

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